3 Count Pictures
Some 3 Count History and Tid Bits

On Dec. 23, 1999, 3 Count was born.  The group consisted of Shane Helms, Evan Karagias, and Shannon Moore. They were a boys band but once in the ring, they would get down to business and were a talented tag team. The women were crazy over  3 Count and the men sometimes were annoyed by the attention they drew from their  women but respected them in the ring.

Their first "hit" was titled  "Can't Get You Outta My Heart".

An instant feud was made with the Jung Dragons who  had come out and attacked 3 Count.   A feud that was on going and has led to many  great matches and ladder matches.

They started out with a vengeance attacking Vampiro and Chavo.

Later, in the quest for the cruiser weight belt, Shannon and Shane had a contender match.   Shannon was a top contender for the WCW Crusier weight after defeating Shane Helms.  Unfortunately, he lost in the finals.

3 Count's first PPV was Super Brawl 2000.
Handicap Match: Norman Smiley vs. 3 Count

3 Count versus Norman Smiley
Evan Karagias pleased the crowd when he announced that 3 Count was not in San Francisco to dance, but to kick some a$$. Smiley had his ribs bandaged, due to the chokeslam through a table that he had received on Thunder. Norman started out quickly, ejecting all three men from the ring. In the ring, Smiley applied the Norman Conquest on Shannon Moore, but was broken up by the other members of 3 Count. The youngsters then attacked Smiley like a pack of rabid dogs. The Screamin' One was then a victim of a twisting corkscrew splash followed by a frog splash. The ribs of Smiley did not hold up as he tapped out to a Boston crab, courtesy of Shannon Moore.
Winners: 3 Count via submission

Then 3 Count took on  Brian Knobbs, defeated him,  and became the first group of 3  to hold  the Hardcore Belt. The other people they wrestled in the Hardcore division were Fit Finlay and Dog.

                                      "THE REAL DEAL"
By now, they are singing their latest new hit, "Dance with  3 Count".

Then, along came Tank Abbott, who seemed to really like 3 Count's music. In one show, it showed 3 Count singing in the ring and Tank in the back watching them on the monitor. He began to dance and smile to their music. A fan and supporter was then born.

Next came the PPV, New Blood Rising.  In my opinion, this is the PPV that 3 Count started to get really noticed. In a poll conducted at WCW, their match with the Jung Dragons won as second best match of the night, only after the main event. It was a fast paced high flying match.  In the end,  Evan climbs the ladder and gets the contract which meant 3 Count won the match and a singing contract. Things start to get confusing when, after 3 Count won their match at NBR, Tank takes the contract and leaves. 3 Count is wondering what is up at this point with Tank.

3 Count and Tank enter the arena dressed in tuxes and are ready to start their singing contract. Tanks starts to let it be known that he should be the "center circle" of the group and 3 Count should just be back up singers. Tensions between 3 Count and Tank start to grow. Finally, 3 Count gets tired of Tank stealing their thunder, and decide to kick him out of the group. They go into the ring during one of Tanks matches, and let him know his services are no longer needed. Although, Tank gets his revenge later.

Then the PPV, Fall Brawl took place:
Fall Brawl Sept.17th, 2000 in Buffalo, New York

The MIA d. 3 Count
3 Count entered the ring and thanked the women for waiting outside all night for tickets. The music played and the boys performed their number one hit, "Can't Get You Outta My Heart." Then, MIA interrupted, ready for a battle against the song-and-dance trio. Shannon Moore and Lieutenant Loco started things off with a great display of wrestling ability. The two opponents countered and reversed each other until Loco brought things to a halt with a series of stinging chops. A-Wall destroyed "Sugar" Shane with a press slam into a sidewalk slam, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. 3 Count gained the advantage, using several triple team moves to keep Corporal Cajun in their corner. A-Wall made the hot tag, demolishing all three of his opponents as the fans chanted for a table. When the big guy tried the chokeslam on Helms, Karagias and Moore stopped him, allowing Shane to throw a superkick that sent A-Wall off the apron through a table. It was back and forth with all six men until Cajun hit his big finisher for the win.
Winners: MIA

                       "We Can't Be Beat, We Won't Be Beat"
         "We Said It, We Meant it,  We're Here To Represent It"

3 Count was involved in a Pre Battle Royal and then the real Battle Royal.

Then Evan started to act different. He started to show signs that he should be the "center circle" and he was all that.-lol  Next, came the match with the Jung Dragons vs. 3 Count. What happened that night changed 3 Count forever.

3 Count d. The Jung Dragons with Leia Meow -Nov 1, 2000
As 3 Count stood in the ring, Sugar Shane Helms confronted Evan Karagias about his cockiness before their performance. The Dragons came into the ring and the opening bout was on. Sugar Shane and Shannon Moore gelled well on a series of double team moves on the young men from the Orient. Moore and Kaz turned it up with an astounding display of high flying, but as soon as Karagias tagged in, he was more into strutting for the ladies in the crowd than keeping the advantage. On the other side of the ring, Kaz avoided a tag to Jaime-San, passing him over to tag Yang into the action. After a double team finisher by Moore and Helms, Karagias pushed himself on top of Jaime-San to score the pin. Evan's cockiness angered his partners one too many times, as Shannon and Shane jumped Karagias, planting him with their devastating finisher. The Dragons were having their problems as well when Yang and Kaz put the boots to Jaime-San, kicking him out of the group. Leia Meow removed his masked and left the ring with the remaining Dragons. Jaime-San and Evan had a stare down before exiting.
Winners: 3 Count

At this point, Shannon and Shane are ready to continue 3 Count on their own.  They have got the charisma and talent and now it was there time to show everyone what they have since they didn't have to carry Evan anymore.-lol  3 Count went on to have matches like :

Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak d. Shannon Moore and Sugar Shane Helms and Jung Dragons and Yang with Leia Meow d. Shannon Moore with "Sugar" Shane Helms and Evan Karagias with Jaime Noble.

Now it was time for the PPV, Mayhem.
Here is the results:
Nov 26th, Mayhem PPV
Sugar Shane Helms and Shannon Moore d. The Jung Dragons with Leia Meow and Evan Karagias and Jaime Noble

Shane and Shannon mouthed off to the crowd before all three teams fought on the ramp. Once inside, The Dragons sent Helms and Moore back to the floor before tangling with Noble and Karagias. Karagias and Noble double teamed Sugar Shane, but he made the tag with Shannon, who sent the former Jaime-San over in a huge German suplex. Kaz and Moore were next in the ring, putting on a display of high flying and wrestling expertise. Shane delivered a Senton Sunsetflip, but Yang kicked him square in the head. Each man entered the ring; one after the other applied his finisher. A series of dives over the top rope followed, including one by Leia Meow, who took the final dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor and knocked down the whole group. A ladder was brought into play, but only used briefly before being removed. While chaos ensued in the ring, Shane Helms was able to secure a pin to win the bout for 3 Count
Winners: 3 Count-Shane Helms and Shannon Moore.

Shannon and Shane continued on to make a name for themselves at WCW.  It is obvious to me on the net, that they are both getting talked about more and more.

They next had matches with DDP and Nash for the tag team titles. 3 Count gave a good fight and gave DDP a pretty good whippin! Although the winners were DDP and Nash.

3 Count forged on and prepared for the Grand Daddy of them all, the Starrcade PPV.
Dec. 17th,2000Cruiserweight Title Contention Match
3 Count d. Evan Karagias and Jaime Knoble and The Jung Dragons with Leia Meow
A contract for a shot at the Cruiserweight Title hung high above the ring as all three teams prepared for a war in this ladder match. Moore went for the ladder early, but was stopped by Evan Karagias. Shane tore through the ropes to the outside, prompting everyone else to follow. As The Dragons fought with Knoble and Karagias on the floor, Helms and Moore snuck back in with a ladder, almost getting to the top before Yang and Kaz knocked them down. After several dangerous moves involving all three ladders, Karagias and Knoble had a shot to climb to the top, but argued amongst themselves before getting kicked into each other by a Yang dropkick from the top. When all six men dove over the ropes to the outside, Knoble climbed the ladder to retrieve the contract, but was tipped over, sending him over on top of the group. After a ladder was placed from the second rope to an upright ladder, Evan performed a powerslam from the fixture to the mat. Shane Helms delivered a huge neckbreaker off the ladder, and Moore brought Yang down with a sleeper hold slam. Shane and Shannon made a bridge with the ladders, but Knoble and Karagias stopped them before they could go up. In the end, Moore and Helms pushed Yang and Knoble off the bridge, and shook hands before both grabbing the contract, leaving Guerrero to wonder who he was going to face on Nitro.
Winners: Shannon Moore and Shane Helms

Shannon and Shane are the #1 contenders for the cruiser weight belt. So, this leads to Shannon and Shane having to have a match. The winner gets to take on Chavo for a title match.  In my opinion, it was a tremendous match.

Dec. 18th, 2000 Nitro
Sugar Shane Helms d. Shannon Moore
This match was made by promoters to determine the number one contender for the cruiserweight title, as both won the rights for the match last night at WCW Starrcade. After a fast paced exchange with several near falls, Sugar Shane threw Moore over the top rope to the floor. Helms turned Moore's high-risk maneuver attempt into a huge powerslam off the second rope. The singing duo went back and forth again, trading high impact moves, until Shane landed a swanton sunset flip for a close two-count. In the end, Sugar scored the win to gain the cruiserweight shot. As Helms helped Moore to his feet, Chavo Guerrero Jr. attacked the two, slamming them to the mat. The tag team fought back, however, sending the loco champion outside.
Winner: Shane Helms

Almost seems fitting that Shane and Shannon ended the year as they began. They were partners and started out wrestling each other in a match, even with 1 and 1 wins against each other for both.  As I did this page. WOW, what a first year to have at WCW.  I know they quickly drew me in as a long loyal fan who always looked forward to seeing them each week. I think they were the best young talent at WCW.

This is where 3 Count started to come to an end and Sugar Shane went off on his own to win the cruiser weight title.             

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