Show Recaps
8/6/13-Highway 2 Helms
Solo H2H is a hit!  Shane Hurricane Helms does his show  H2H solo and answering questions from his fans. Tune in to find out his answers.

7/18/13-Highway 2 Helms
Tonight's episode has your hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav. The guest is Cueball Carmichael.

Cueball has been in the business for 30 years and discusses how he broke in the business and what it was like back in the day compared to today.

The guys discuss Raw and their thoughts, Kane setting up matches  psychological characters, Flair, Iron Sheik, Abdullah, Lou Thesz, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus Stone Cold and his heel reaction.

This discuss other topics concerning wrestling such as short term memory and wrestling, fun on the road as well as MMA.

Find out why they discussed Vegas, New Orleans and Japan.

Shane discussed participating in a Comic Con Convention, Black Adam and his match that weekend.

Last but not least, they discuss Shane becoming engaged.

Heaven forbid, it's Highway 2 Helms.

6/18/201  It is Highway to Helms with your hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav. Tonight's guest is Arik Royal.

Tune in and get to know Arik. Find out his bio, what got him to wrestling, what wrestler made an impression on him to get into wrestling, where he has been and where he is going.

Different areas and companies were discussed in wrestling such as WWE, WCW, TNA, OMEGA and CWF.

They discussed wrestlers such as Brock, Bret Hart, Ambrose and other. They also discussed the great segment Mark Henry had, Ironman matches and Stephanie.

Other topics covered were hockey, NBA, MMA and MySpace.

The movie Superman was discussed depth. What they liked and didn't like. Arik and Shane gave the movie a thumbs up.

Heaven forbid, it's Highway To Helms.

6/14/2013 It's Highway 2 Helms with your host Shane Helms and guests Brad Stutts and Grant Sawyer from CWF.

The show starts off discussing CWF. They cover the upcoming show and matches. They also discuss
parts of OMEGA ant it's recent show.
Find out how Brad got the name Fat Back and Shane doing commentary. Also find out what a roommate match is.

Shane brings up the topics of being disqualified as an amateur, how to build a heel, DQ's, proper run in, using others moves, how Gregory and the Superhero wrestled differently, WWE Hurri-pop ups, baby faces and heels.

Other topics covered NBA, Arena Chicks, UFC and boxing.

Why did Shane say " Have gear for you gimmick and don't make your gimmick fit your gear" and "Lessons paid for are lessons learned".

Heaven forbid, its Highway to Helms.

Highway 2 Helms on June 6th, 2013 with your hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav. Tonights guest is Mickey Gambino.

Micky discusses his first Omega show, going to college, a funny indy story and what made him get into wrestling.

Shane mentions Molly Holly and a funny story where he messed up at a WWE show. Also find out what made Shane cry. :)

They discussed how to start a wrestling show properly, how to book an Indy show, Raw, TNA, Bryan Danielson, Rampage, Terry Cruise, Japan wrestling movies and more.

Omega show is coming out on DVD soon. Stay tuned. Also don't forget all the Shane Helms apps available for wrestling, Nascar, Comic Con and others.

Heaven forbid, its Highway 2 Helms.

Highway 2 Helms on May 28, 2013 with your hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav.

They guys started out reviewing the matches from the Omega event. It was a huge success and to find out what happened, turn in. Shane talks about his match with CW Anderson and his funny line to him.

Other topics discussed women's wrestling, movie reviews including Ironman, story about Shannon Moore, WCW, The Undertaker and Mike Tyson.

WWE and Raw was discussed and what Mike would like to do. Find out what made Mike want to throw up s##t in his pocket.

Shane discusses wanting to do a storyline with Steamboat and it never happening.

Find out why Shane said if nobody laughs it isn't a joke, it is a statement. He also sent out a message to Ted Turner!

Heaven forbid, its Highway 2 Helms.

05/21/2013- Highway 2 Helms with your hosts Shane "Hurricane" Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav with guest star Broderick G McQueen.

The show opens with Shane sending Prayers out to Oklahoma and everyone affected by the tornado.

Mike discusses his experience when he was in a tornado. Shane talks about experiencing an earthquake and running in the street in his underwear!!!

Find out why Broderick does not believe in dinosaurs or evolution and Shane's mind being blown by it which lead to Shane saying " I've seen chimps believe in evolution." Get ready to laugh.

They also discuss WWE, TNA, how to get in the biz, cow farts, a shower story, heels, faces, boxing, MMA and John Cena.

Check out the Lizard Lick Festival and The East Wake Show with star appearances this weekend! Help get the kids a new wrestling mat!

The show can be summed by Broderick say " You have blown my mind with realness".

Heaven forbid, it's Highway 2 Helms.

12/19/12-Highway 2 Helms with your hosts Shane "Hurricane" Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav. The guest tonight is Chuck Coates!
The show opens with Shane and Mike paying respect to the children, adults and families effected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. They
lightly discuss the situation. Moving on to more light hearted topics they discuss WWE getting better, they both enjoyed RAW and look
forward to next weeks show. They also discuss the belts and Ryback. Shane wonders if WWE is listening to his ideas online!!??!!
They also take a look at UFC and agree TNA is doing well.

Chuck Coates joins the show. He gives an update on his battle with cancer and they discuss Chinlock for Chuck upcoming event. More information and shirts
can be found at . The show is 1/15/13 with many stars appearing! They then move on to cover The Redskins, football,
The meteor shower, wrestling in Canada, 12/21/12 and the pyramids. They also can not pass up sharing their love of The McRib and much more.
Heaven forbid, it is Highway 2 Helms.

12-4-12 Highway 2 Helms with your hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav and special guest Dr. Tom Prichard.
Shane and Mike discuss their WWE review, TNA review, previous names they used in the biz, Free Birds and heels. Hear about
Shane being hit by a car as a child and recently bite by a spider and the results of that. They cover education in the USA and
reading. Why isn't the NFL getting hounded by the media right now like WWE did when it comes to concussions?
They talk with Dr. Tom Prichard on how he got the name Dr., days on the road, Next Level Wrestling, a reality show coming,
what it is like working in the WWE Developmental and WWE Corp.
Find out why Shane called out Nancy Grace and Shane's words of wisdom, "You don't go to a samonan's house for food".
Heaven for bid, it's Highway 2 Helms.

11/21/12-Highway 2 Helms with your hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav. Tonight's episode consists of discussion of scary movies, tug boat, legalizing drugs or not, MMA and Shane's new cape. They discussed RAW concerning should it be 3 hours, tag teams, Rey, Ryback, Hogan, enhancement matches and kayfabe. Check out the upcoming event for their friend Chinlock for Chuck and information on that. Find out if Mike likes RAW or TNA better, where Shane's twin phobia comes from and why Shane said "Not to beat a zombie horse". Heaven forbid, it's Highway 2 Helms.

11/13/2012-Highway 2 Helms with your co-hosts Shane Hurricane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav. Tonight's guest is Chris Masters.
Tonight's show topics are The Shane Even Ap has been updated, indy days and being on the road, how Shane and Shannon got some
play for a friend so he would drive the long hours home, RAW, secret to a promo and the important event Chinlock for Chuck.
Get to know Chris's humor, Twitter thoughts, talking about Carlito, discussing his name, Shane and Chris working together when Chris
was new to WWE, what really happens when moves are executed, stories behind the scene and they all lightly discuss politics.
Listen to Mike tell a story that will horrify you and find out why Shane said "It's not working for me". Heaven forbid, It's Highway to Helms.

10/24/12- Tonight's Highway 2 Helms is with your hosts Shane Helms and Big Daddy Mike Mav and the guest tonight is Mark Jindrak AKA Marco Corleone. Shane shared that the show is at 1.5 million downloads on iTunes and also available on YouTube. Several topics were discussed tonight and to name a few, Mike and Shane covered their thoughts on Raw, TNA, female wrestling and ultimate fighting. They also discussed who the "best worker in the biz" ever was and what it means today. If you would like to catch up with Marco Corleone this is the interview to see. He is wrestling for Lucha Libre, acts in a soap opera that is prime time, making himself over and getting over in Mexico and the difference in USA and México fans. As always, you will be schooled about the wrestling biz and heaven forbid, it's Highway 2 Helms.