You remember a while ago when you said you'd like to do a layout in Playgirl? Well, is there any chance we might be seeing that anytime soon? and if not... would you do it, if someone "accidently" sent you in for the "Find of the Month"?
Gregory: That's hard to answer unless it actually happened. And if someone sent me in . . . well I would be flattered I guess. 

1)your tattoo is the green lantern symbol rite. so because u have it tattoo'd on ure arm i assumed that u woz really into the green lantern how come it's not in your top 10 comic list?
Gregory:Because at the time I made that list, the book wasn't that good. It's in my Top Ten now.
Cerebrallabyinth:wot made you get the green lantern tattoo'd on ya arm? (as cool as it is bcoz its a really good comic!)
Gregory: The GL symbol stands for "willpower" and just coming from where I came from, doing the things I've done, took a lot of willpower. I didn't want one of those generic tats that mean nothing.

Moxxie: Hi Shane! They show on TV a lot various sports figures and other celebs who go into the schools and read their favourite book to the children. Have you ever done that? If so, which book was it? If not, which book would you choose?
Gregory: I've read to kids a whole bunch of times. In fact the WWE had a whole program based around me. It was called, "Reading Gives You Super Powers." I read different books to kids of all ages.

Topazhurrigirl: 1. Since Christmas is coming up, what's your holiday traditions in your home?
Gregory: Traditionally I buy my family great gifts and they get me stuff I never use. LOL
Topazhurrigirl Do you mind if I call you Shaney?
Gregory: YES I DO! LOL
Topazhurrigirl: If you pick three things for Christmas, what would it be?
Gregory: Hard to say, I got pretty much everything I want. I could use more money I guess. So kids, tonight go into your parents wallets and look for these pieces of paper with presidents pictures on them and send them to me. LOL
Topazhurrigirl: I read the Hardy Boyz autobiography and they had you where you met them at a restrauant, you wore a Superman jacket. So my question is this: Do you still have that jacket and do you still wore it to this day?
Gregory:Yes I do. People offer to buy that jacket off of me everytime I wear it.

dRehkjy: Listing all the ones I can think of Shane Helms (Cannot find correct name ATM) - Omega,Sugar Shane Helms - WCW,The Hurricane - WWE,Ace Reporter Gregory Helms - WWE,Gregory Helms - WWE.I personally liked Hurricane the most
Gregory: The Hurricane was easily the most fun!

What's you're opinion on females breaking into the business? (I mean, actual wrestlers and not the Diva Search wannabes) Would you treat them the same in the ring? Do you like working with females? Any advice?
Gregory: I pretty much treat everyone the same in the ring. I've had some good matches that involved our Diva's. As for advice, it would be the same I would give to a guy, get prepared for a lot of hard work, a lot of ups and downs and hopefully things will work out.
HHHaddictedSMH: For people starting their own wrestling organization what advice do you have?
Gregory:Learn to advertise! I'm see a million indy shows that are just great and loaded with talent but the promoter just does the barest of advertising, so nobody shows up.

I have you and your friend Brian, sitting on your bikes, as my desk top theme....anyway, I was just wondering, what made you choose that make of Harley for your first one? It's a V-Tech right? Or am I wrong?
Gregory: I just thought it fit me more than the other styles. And the bike is called a V-Rod.

IZW: we all know that mick foley and jbl expressed their political views foley being a democrat and jbl a republican i was wondering what about gregory helms?......
Gregory: A Republican for the most part.

ok shane, lets say you knew tomorrow would be your last day on earth, how would you want to spend it? would you want to wrestle, or be with family and friends etc?
Gregory: I'd spend the first part with a Hurri-Honey, then go rob a bank or something. Hey, if it's my last day, I wouldn't have to worry about jail. LOL  PS: That is a pretty depressing question by the way. Whassup wit dat?

Hey Shane I just wanted to say thank you for always being polite and respectful to your fans. You one of a few who actually do that. So thank you. I know you've said before that life on the road is very hard, and from personal experience I totally believe you. Are there ever times where you're just like I need a week off to do a few things and just relax or are you one of those guys who can't sit still and is always ready to go? Thanx again Shane.
Gregory: Well I'm always ready to go but I wouldn't say no to a week off either. 
Crenger: Hey Shane how ya doin'? Congrats I hope your new character does well. But it's you so ya know it's gonna be good!  I was just wondering, did you atleats get to keep your hurricane outfit for good memories?
Gregory: Yeah I kept them all.

Hi shane I just wanted to know how do you feel about being on smackdown or do you prefer raw?
Gregory: I like both shows equally, but each has a different appeal. RIght now I'm very happy on Smackdown.

Gregory, I know that you love comics, but what about Mangas? Japanese animation, which do you prefer?
Gregory: I don't currently read any Manga. I'm not a big fan of the art.

What kind of sports do you like (either playing or watching)? Do you have any favorite teams?
Gregory: Boxing mainly. UFC as well. In NFL, my team is the Redskins followed closely by the Panthers.
E5ther: How does it feel to give up your green hair?
Gregory: Love it!!!!
E5ther: Hi Shane, Have you been catching any of the episodes of Dancing with the Stars? What are your thoughts about Stacy's success on the show.You taught Stacy those moves when you were teaming with her right?  LOL
Gregory: I thought Stacy was spectacular! IMO, she was still much better than the eventual winners.

Just watching Raw, and it popped in my head. Way back when they used to interview people on confidential. U said that brocolli was ur that still so. By the way....u have never looked hotter. Keep up the great work!!
Gregory: Yes, I still hate the vile weed!

Hey Gregory!Ive just watched the video to Fozzy - "With The Fire" and wondered how your appearance in the video to do the dance near the end of the video came about?
Gregory: That is an interesting story. Jericho had asked me to be in the video which was shot in Charlotte, NC. So I drove down there and initially my dancing scenes, as they were, were for me to be dressed up like a hip-hop kid and to be along side Chris doing this crazy dance sequence which was highlighted by the Michael Jackson "Thriller" dance. LOL On a side note, it was hard to even focus on learning the dance because the girl that was teaching us was this Halle Berry lookalike that somehow always had her booty facing me. (Tuff job ain't it?) So anyway I did my little sequence but then Jericho had these two guys that were there to do some breakdancing/pop-and-lock stuff. Well I don't know if they were just nervous or what, but they weren't any good. So I walked over to Chris and told him that I could do that way better. Hey, I grew up on Hip-Hop, what can I say? So Chris put me in and that was that!  All in all, it was a lot of fun!

Do you believe you are being used to your full potential by WWE?
Gregory"I'm not sure what my full potential is. LOL And while I could be doing more, I also could be doing less.
Slider32:Where do you believe you fit on the roster in terms of ability?
Gregory:That's not for me to say. I will say that I'm one of the best bumpers in the biz though. Just not sure if that's a good thing or not. LOL
Slider32:Have you thought of leaving WWE to go to TNA or any other organization?

If you could meet all of your fans, would you?
Gregory: Of course.
Spaz:Can you post a comment on my space?
Gregory" This ain't enough? LOL
Spaz"If you could have five superpowers, which powers would you want?
Gregory: I already had them, Hurripowers remember! LOL

Do you dare to ansewer
Gregory: Oh I dare!!!! 
BabyX:Do you perfer youger or older fans?(I dont know where that came from.)
Gregory:Umm no preference. As long as we are talking about fans right? 
BabyX:Do you sometimes get annoyed by fans?
Gregory:Only slightly. It happens. Mainly only when I got a mouth full of food and inevitibly someone comes up and says, "I don't mean to bother you while you're eating . . . . " LOL And when we hear that we are all like, "Then don't!"   But like I said, that's only a small thing. For the most part my fans are always cool.
BabyX:what do you think when you see girls about between the ages of 14-17 years old.when you see them at shows holding up signs that say? (Hurricane is Hot etc.)?
Gregory:I just do the math in my head and think, "Oh yeah, in about 4-5 years, these girls are mine!" LOL But seriously, that stuff is always flattering to me.

Jaime Pressly:
what was the last movie that you saw that made you cry?
AND who did you see it with?
Gregory: Probably the first of the new Star Wars movies, but only because it was so horrible. 

This is damn meaningless, but i'm Australian so i can ask these meaningless questions.
Gregory:Of course, I mean Heaven forbid I answer a question that isn't meaningless! LOL
Hurricanesballerina:When the WWE travels to other countries, do you have a say in whether you'll go or not?
Gregory:Not sure, I've never said no to a tour before.
Hurricanesballerina:Out of all the cities that you've been to in Australia, which was your favourite?
Gregory: I loved Sydney, but the hotel we stay at in Melbourne is the awesome!
Hurricaneballerina:Do you hate or like the Australian accent? (i don't blame you if you hate it...mate! )
Gregory: I like it! Who am I to not like an accent? 

Hey,Just wondering if you had an opinion on the House of M story. Not sure if you read Marvel, since, by all aspect of your Hurricane character, you are a DC fan, but if you do read it, I'd just like to know how you felt about it.
Gregory: I thought it was great. Bendis is one of the best writers I've ever read.

Have you ever counted how many email message do you receive per day? if so, how many is it?
Gregory: A get a ton! LOL I try to answer when I can but it's hard to get them all. I can barely keep up with this Q and A, notice I don't respond to silly questions as much as serious ones. 
smallpoxvirus: Hello Gregory
I was wondering if the wrestlers in the ring hear the chants of the crowd during their match, if so, does it affect them when there's a mean chant?
Gregory:If they're loud enough we hear them. I for one love it when they chant. Makes me want to do more and work harder.

Is it true that you did your SATs (or whateva they're called over there) when you were like 11?
Gregory:Yeah, I took them in 7th grade.
Kazza2085:And what do you think of putting trailers at the beginning of DVD's???? Is it me or is it annoying as hell???
Gregory:I love trailers, so it doesn't bother me. Sometimes they are better than the movie.
Kazza2085:When you head to Melb, Sydney and Adelaide for the Survivor Series Tour do you think you could come up to Brisbane for me? (Just you... I don't care about everyone else)
Gregory" What's the pay? 

Odio Silverwhip:
Hey Shane, I'm just curious how you handle the critics. (I know this is borderline breaking the rules, but as you say on your myspace account... you are the most accessible tv personality.) I am curious because of what is happening with Matt Hardy. I read the Pro Wrestling Torch ( religously and they seem to do nothing but knock whats happening to him nowadays (ie the bad promo, the bad beating at Summerslam.) They are pretty much saying Matt is coming to the end of his career and WWE is out to hurt what is left of his career by setting him up to fail for the whole Us VS Them thing.But how do you deal with that type of stuff. I couldn't do it. I'd end up blowing my lid.
Gregory: You just have to be bigger than they are. Just remember that when it comes to internet critics, most don't have any qualifications whatsoever, and are just fans who want to be involved in the biz in anyway they can. So I can appreciate their passion for wrestling though. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that doesn't mean that anyone wants to hear it though. 

just a quick ? for ya, have you spoken to MOLLY/NORA since she left and is she ok.....
Gregory:Yup, and she sounded good.

So we know you have the Purple "Galactic" tights and the Blue "Deep Sea Attack" tights, so whats the next color on the list? Have you thought about Red for like your "No Mercy" tights? and i've seen you have the section black before. Do you have a name for that? I mean they could always be your "Black Hole" tights lol. I have way to much time on my hands. you know its sad when I'm coming up with name for your pants. lol
Gregory:Actually, red is on the way. They will be my "Solar Flare" tights  The Black ones are my "Midnight Stealth" ones. And apparently I too, have too much time on my hands it seems. :0

Citizen Laura:
Which are better... cats or dogs (or neither?)? (And why?)
Gregory:Right now neither, because with me living alone, they would have a hard time surviving while I'm on the road. LOL