In July 2006, Gregory Helms became the longest reigning WCW/WWE Cruiser Weight Champ ever!

Shane owns about 8,000 comic books?

Shane was nominated for  most popular wrestler of the year
in the PWI rankings in 2002.

Commented in the PWI Rankings 2002  "Shane Helms is one of the worlds best cruiser weights in the world".

Shane was the last official Turner/WCW Cruiser Weight Champ!

Shane was the first WWFE/WCW Cruiser Weight Champ!

Won 32 amateur gold medals.

Is ranked 26 in the PWI rankings in 2004!

Was nominated for best match of the year in the PWI 500 in 3 Count vs. Jung Dragons for the Feb. 18th, 2001 6 man ladder match.

Was nominated for most improved wrestler of the year in the PWI 500 , 2001.

Held the the WCW Hardcore Belt, The WCW Cruiser Weight belt, the WWF European belt ,the WWF Hardcore Belt , the WWE Cruiser Weight Belt, and the RAW Tag Team Belt within 2 years and a half  years of entering WCW/WWE. Not too shabby, huh?:)

One of  the few guys to hold the hardcore belt in WCW and WWF.

Shane is one of 3 wrestlers to hold the WCW Cruiser Weight belt and the WWE Cruiser Weight Belt.

Was a member of 3 Count with Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias at WCW.

Has a tattoo of the Green Lantern symbol on his right arm.

Hurricane's real name is Gregory Shane Helms but went by Shane growing up.

Shane was the first ever "WCW Match" on a WWF card. On July 1St, 2001 in Spokane, WA, Helms defeated Chavo Guererro Jr. in a Cruiserweight Title Defense.

On the path to holding the WCW Cruiser Weight belt, during Sugar Shane's time at Warner WCW, he had to beat Chavo, Kidman, Shannon Moore, Yang, Jaime Knoble, Evan Karagais, Johnny Swinger, Elix Skipper,  and Kwee-Wee.

Was a stunt double for David Arquette in the movie Ready too Rumble.

He was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in November 2002.

Participated in his first Royal Rumble in Jan. 2002 and was the first Super Hero to ever compete.

Shane's first main event was March 10th, 2003 on RAW against the Rock and Shane pinned him for the win.  His second main event was another win on April 14th, 2003.  Shane teamed with Booker T and they went on to beat Ric Flair and HHH when Shane pinned The Nature Boy!

Shane has been involved in both Raw Roulettes shows in 2003. Once with Kane and the other with Rosie.

As a youngster, Shane was placed in an academically gifted class which was a program affiliated with Duke University. In the seventh grade, he took his SAT's.

Once Shane became The Hurricane at WWE, the first crowd to chant "Hurricane" was in Toronto.  Shane said he would always remember that.

Shane "Hurricane" Helms was on the first ever RAW in the UK on 10/04.

What is the Hurricane's favorite Wreslemania moments? " Personally, it was when I won the Hardcore Championship from Spike Dudley at WrestleMania X8. As a fan, it was Savage winning the WWE Championship by beating Ted DiBiase in the finals of the tournament at WrestleMania IV."

The Hurricane and Rosey were on the first ever broadcast of Heat on 10/01/05 as the main event.

Wrestled Chris Benoit on Smackdown in 2006 with a broken nose!

Prematch rituals: Stop eating heavy foods before a match. He never eats beef on the day of a show. Right before his match, he drinks an energy drink and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Shane can not stand to wrestle without his elbow pads.