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Welcome to the area dedicated to the wonderful citizens called The Hurri-Fans!          HOME                         BACK
"The Hurricane is the type of superhero that other superheroes look up to both inside  and outside the ring.  Mysteriously masked and cloaked in a bold shade of green, he never backs down from a fight and never runs from evil in the WWE.  His tireless battle to overcome adversity recently gave way to unparalleled glory when he defeated none other than the Rock in front of the entire world.  "Hurri-power" has made it's way to the cover of WWE Magazine!  And the man that lays underneath it all happens to be one of the very best people I've ever met in my life.  Since the day we met, we've had nothing but respect for each other and I'd probably do justabout anything the guy would ever ask of me.  If there was ever a guy who deserved  to achieve his dreams, it's Shane Helms.  So until the day finally comes when we stand in the same corner as tag team partners,  a "dynamic duo" so to speak,  I placemy hand to my forehead and send this online shark salute to the one and only Hurricane."

-Shark Boy

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At last! At last!  I got to see The Dynamic, Spectacular, ever fantastic Hurricane At Last!!!! He came to Insurrexion 2003!!!! And he was phenomenal!  And soooo HOT!!
Long live the Hurri-Powers!
Citizen Sarah West Cumbria UK!

Shane "Hurricane" Helms is the best wrestler ever. You're site rules Citizen Shelly and if someone doesn't think so then.....Wuss up wid dat!?! lol Citizen Tina

Shelly, what a great job you did on this site! It's a well laid out and well assembled site and you should be proud of yourself! I had the chance to see Shane at AXXESS during the WMX8 weekend when he and Molly competed at the "Pizza Pizza" ring in some inter gender matches. You never really realise how good someone is until you see them live and Shane was amazing! It was a riot live when he does the cape routine. The crowd was in stitches. Anyways, great site! Keep up the awesome work! :)
Citizen Jason

The Hurricane is my favorite wrestler and I must Get That ACTION FIGURE & THE T-SHIRT!!! Peazz Out "The Hurra-dude" Citizen Ryan

The hurricane is the greatest cruiserwieght champion in the history of smackdown or the wwe.
Citizen Shaun Rowe

Hurricane is the coolest wrestler and is soooooooooooo hot hot hot!!!!!!!1 Citizen Jessica

I like the Hurricane, he is so great! I love the
Gimmick! Citizen Michele

I got the greatest response from Hurricane for a sign I drew for him and showed off at a Detroit House show - I made a comic book cover styled poster that read "Hurricane Force" with him in a crouch, poised to leap into the skies, and Rosey waving "Hello" in the pic. Not only did he see it, he POINTS to it, and I got a hug out of it as he left the ring and caught up with me on the ramp!
Citizen Laura C

The Hurricane has a great personality and deserves to be the WWE  champion some day.
Citizen Paul Valudos

Comments: The Hurricane is the greatest wrestler ever to grace Vince McMahons presence! Plus he is by far the nicest person I have ever met .  Citizen James

Comments: Shane is awesome and the greatest ever! He is sweet and kind to all his fans and we thank you! shane i've watched you since the wcw days and i am so happy that your in the wwe!! YOU ROCK! katie aka hurri-vixen

"A hero is someone who does what no one wants to do, when no one is there to see it, with no desire to be praised... You've given me the inspiration I need to be that person for my friends..." Citizen Bianca
I have to make Christine and Rich, pictured  here, honorary citizens of the month!  They have an amazing story of how they met and married due to them both being fans of The Hurricane and Chris Jericho. Congrats to you from The Hurricane and Citizen Shelly!
Comments: Hurricane Rules Citizen Brian

Comments:I am a big Hurri-fan.  I have met him once and he was a very nice guy.  I have met many pro wrestlers and he is very professional and polite.Citizen D

Comments:The Hurricane is the best ever!
Citizen Helen

Comments: Hurricane is the best wrestler EVER to enter the WWF.  Citizen Kevin

Comments:Hello, I was writing to tell you that your site rocks! I have just recently discovered the Hurricane, and I was wowed. I have always loved comic books and the heroes, so I was ecstatic to see a comics book hero-type wrestler. His character is adding vitality and life to the shows. Citizen Kate Cutler

I met the Hurricane 6/27/03 in Poughkeepsie NY, when he was doing an autograph signing. He was very sweet and it was a pleasure to meet one of the WWE's funniest wrestlers. He made me feel comfortable and it was really nice to meet someone as down to earth as him! Thanx Shane, I really appreciate it! CItizen Bethany, CT

I saw Hurricane wrestle live at Global Warning in Melbourne, Australia 2002. Before then I didn't really pay much attention to the guy in the green costume. But when you see him live he is amazing, he works the crowd and even if you don't like the guy you can't help but cheer him on. He's an amazing wrestler and he kicks butt. My mates gave up asking who my fav wrestler was because I would just go on and on about him. He's amazing!  Citizen Kayla

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by: Adam
by:  Martin Vazquez
  by: Jordon
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by: Shelly Lenay
by: Shelly Lenay
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by: Frances

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by: Kennan
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