A section dedicated to the greatest of all fans, The Hurri-Kids!  It is  focused for ages up to 13 years old. All ages are welcome!
The Hurricane gives his mask to a Hurri-Kid and then discusses
what actions he should take with the vile villians in the ring.
as a child
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If evil shall again come into play, The Hurricane will be there to save the day!
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Remember to always
play it safe on the
internet.  Never give
your name, email address,
address, or telephone
number out over the
internet without your
parents guidance.  Always
make sure your parents
know who you are talking
to on the internet and
the sites you are
visiting. The
The Hurricane wants
you to be safe from 
Vile Villains!

Hurri-Kid Kevin
Hurri-Kid Sarah, TN
Hurri-Kid Cameron, OH
Hurri-Kid Davey, WV
Hurri-Kid Jeff, CA
Hurri-Kid Tommy, FL
Hurri-Kid Kyle,WI(5yrs)
Hurri-Kid Hannah,AL (7yrs)
Hurri-Kid Hunter (10month)
Hurri-Kid Matt, PA (11yrs)
Hurri-Kid Danae
Hurri-Kid Garrett
Hurri-Kid Becky
Hurri-Kid Samantha SC
Hurri-Kid Gregory,MD(9yrs)
Hurri-Kid Joey,MD (11 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Austin,TN (7yrs)
Hurri-Kids, TN (2yrs)
Hurri-Kids Blade,TN (9mo)
Hurri-Kid Caitlyn,NY(11yrs)
Hurri-Kid  Erin Tucker(6rs)
Hurri-Kid Anakin, IL(4yrs)
Hurri-Kid Shellie, TX
Hurri-Kid Tyler, OH(10yr)
Hurri-Kid Nathaniel, KY( 2yrs)
Hurri-Kid Zack East, AL (7yr)
Hurri-Kid Ivey East, AL ( 2yr)
Hurri-Kid Chris, FL (13yrs)
Hurri-kid Nicholas, NY (10yrs)
Hurri-Kid Jordan, OH(13yrs)
Hurri-Kid Tyler,LA(6yrs)
Hurri-Kid Morgan (5yrs)
Hurri-Kid Steve, PA (13yrs)
Hurri-Kid Allan, Canada(13yrs)
Hurri-Kid Cody, IN(12yrs)
Hurri-Kid Trent,  TX ( 13yrs)
Hurri-Kid Sean
Hurri-Kid David
Hurri-Kid Max, Australia
Hurri-Kid Austin
Hurri-Kid Kyle
Hurri-Kid Serena, MA (7yrs)
Hurri-Kid Joey, MI (7yrs)
Hurri-Kid Carter, CA (12 yrs)
Hurri-kid Abdi, England,(10yrs)
Hurri-Kid Callie Tomlinson(14yrs)
Hurri-Kid Billy, England(4 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Harvey,Uk (4 yrs)
HurriKid Joe, UK (12yrs)
Hurri-Kid Jerusha
Hurri-Kid Keoki
Hurri-Kid Montana
Hurri-Kid Harry England(5yrs)
Hurri-Kid Mariah Haley, TX
Hurri-Kid Daniel,MI (13yrs)
Hurri-Kid Austin
Hurri-Kid Blaze
Hurri-Kid Ben, NC (9 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Brooke Duke, NC
Hurri-Kid kristina (10yrs)
Hurri-Kid Nathan McCleland,IN
Hurri-Kid Steven, NY(13 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Justin, IN (10 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Fabian, Germany
Citizen Yogita Khetia  Wales
Hurri-Kid Luca, Turin(13yrs)
Hurri-Kid Justin, Canada
Hurri-Kid Matthew, Canada
Hurri-Kid Simone, Italy(11yrs)
Hurri-Kid Trinity,  Tx (6 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Andrew, Tx(4yrs)
Hurri-Kid Reece, England (13)
Hurri-Kid Elle Zayas (10yrs)
Hurri-Kid David, UK
Hurri-Kid Lewis, England (12yrs)
Hurri-Kid Jordan Harris MI (11yrs)
Hurri-Kid Volkan, London
Hurri-Kid William (10yrs) KS
Hurri-Kid Kristina (13 yrs) KS
Hurri-Kid Austin Adkins,TN   
Hurri-Kid Jasmine Adkins, TN
Hurri-Kid Austin (11 yrs) IL
Hurri-Kid Lena (4 yrs)
Hurri-Kid Derek.E  Tampa, FL
Hurri-Kid Cyclone Sam


Remember Hurri-Kids, the wrestlers that you see on TV are trained professionals. Please do not try the moves or stunts that you see at home. Safety is most important!

As the Hurricane says
" Remember kids, safety first and everything will be fine."
This page is dedicated to Skylar Brady.