Moves Helms Invented and his Favorite Matches
The Eye of The Hurricane. (Formerly "The Nightmare on Helms Street")

The CrossFace Halo.  Inspired by Edge.

The TopSpin FaceBuster.

The Hammerlock/Russian Leg Sweep.

The Inverted Side Suplex. A side(saddle) suplex, but with the guy facing downward.

The Shoulder Wrecker. I would hold the guy in the Inverted DDT Position, extend his arm out, then drop to one knee bringing his shoulder down across my knee. Painful.

Floating NeckBreaker. See Video Section. This one is touchy. I obviously didn't invent the neckbreaker, but the way I run, jump, and float into it is unique enough to me to include it in
this list. This move is quickly being copied by a lot of other wrestlers.

The CountDown.

The Triple FaceBuster. The finish that Shannon, Evan, and I used. A triple X-Factor is also descriptive of this move.

The Triple PowerBomb. Another 3Count triple teamer!

The Suplex-Side Suplex Combo. Shannon would suplex a guy and I would catch him in mid-air and ride him down into a side suplex. Shannon (credit given) came up with the idea of me catching the guy into a backbreaker, which was very cool.

The Falling Star Bomb. See Gallery Section. The finisher of The Serial Thrillaz, inspired by Shawn and Diesel!

The Double LegDrop. Another ST trademark. Mike would legdrop a guy in the throat while I would drop a leg onto the guys mid-section/groin area.

The FrogSplash BodyAttack. Many people have used a frogsplash, but never while their intended target was standing. Much less, standing on the floor!

The StrangleHold LegSweep. I wrap the guys arms around his neck in a Japanese StrangleHold (See Crossface Halo) and then Russian Leg Sweep him. Sometimes I wrap just the near arm around the neck too.

The Super NeckBreaker. A twisting neckbreaker off the top rope. I first hit it on Jamie Noble (then Knoble) at Starrcade 2000. I did it then off a ladder. This move hurts me a lot too, so don't expect to see it too much. LOL!

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Defeating "Playboy" T.C. Cruise for the SWA Lightweight Championship. "In only my second match!"

Defeating the Gemini Kid at GloryQuest '92. "Against Doctor's orders, I came back from fractured ribs and regained my CCWA Lightweight Title!"

Teaming with Mike Maverick as The Serial Thrillaz to win the OMEGA Tag-Team Titles for a 2nd time by defeating The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff). "Matt and Jeff are talented beyond words! This match showed alot of people just how talented both teams really were!"

Teaming with Shannon Moore to defeat Kaz Hayashi & Blitzkreig. "It was my first taste of victory for a major promotion (WCW), and it was pretty sweet!"

Teaming with Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias to defeat "Nasty Boy" Brian Knobbs for the WCW Hardcore Championship. "My first title with a major promotion!"

Teaming with Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias to defeat The Jung Dragons at WCW's New Blood Rising PPV (2000). "We were told that it was WCW's best ladder match ever!"

Teaming with Shannon to defeat The Jung Dragons and Noble and Courageous at Starrcade 2000 in a Triple Ladder Match. "Not only did we out do our first ladder match, but we had, what some called the best ladder match ever!"

Defeating Kaz Hayashi, Yang, Evan Karagias, Jamie Knoble, and Shannon Moore at SuperBrawl Revenge (2001). "It was a Six-Man, Four Corners, Elimination Match, and what I felt was one of my best performances."

Defeating Chavo Guerrero Jr. to become WCW World Cruiserweight Champion. "This was what I came to WCW to do! No one can ever take this away from me!"

Defeating Matt Hardy for the WWF European Championship. "My first taste of WWF Gold! And the fact that I won it from one of the best performers today makes it all the more sweeter!"

Winning the Hardcore Title from Spike Dudley at WrestleMania X8. "This was the shortest reign of any title I ever had, but all I care about is that I won it at WrestleMania!"

Defeating Tajiri for the WWE Cruiserweight Title in a 3-Way Dance that included Billy Kidman. "The chokeslam finally comes through for me!"

Teaming with Kane to defeat Christian and Lance Storm to win the WWE Tag-Team Championships. "The Hurri-Kane's were an instant success!"

Defeating The Rock in Cleveland, OH in the main event of Monday Night RAW. "It doesn't get any bigger than wrestling The Rock in a main event!"

Wrestling World Champion Triple H on Monday Night RAW. "I lost the match, but I had still earned a spot against the World Champion."

Teaming with Booker T to defeat Triple H and Ric Flair on Monday Night RAW. "I pinned Ric Flair, that's all I remember. LOL"

Wrestling Ric Flair on Monday Night Raw. "It was an honor to be in the ring with The Man."

Defeating Christian in Siatama, Japan. "The Japanese crowd was completely awesome, and they loved this match, as did I."

Check out the video section to see The Hurricane execute these moves.
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