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Steve O-
Obviously, Gregory's talent and skills are recognized by all.  Gregory isn't even on Raw and yet tribute was paid to him by Steve O from Jackass as he stated that Gregory, The Cruiser Weight Champ, was his favorite wrestler.

Lance Storm recaps his time in WWE:
"The Hurri-League: After I dropped the IC title I started tagging with the Hurricane, which lead to some hilarious promos. Does everyone remember, "Hurri-twin powers activate, shape of a Hurricane...form of an Ice Storm." Shane and I had so much fun with that stuff, and it led to an incredibly long run with the Hardys and Lita."

Matt Hardy's Commentary 4/2004
-I don’t think anyone could pull off a superhero as realistic as my homey Shane Helms. The Hurricane is an amazing character who has gotten more popular and entertaining than it should have. Kudos to Shane for all the hard work and dedication he has put into WWE’s first real superhero.-Matt Hardy

JR-RAW-March 2003
Don't underestimate the heart and soul of the Hurricane!

Sharkboy-  March 2003
"The Hurricane is the type of superhero that other superheroes look up to both inside and outside the ring. Mysteriously masked and cloaked in a bold shade of green, he never backs down from a fight and never runs from evil in the WWE. His tireless battle to overcome adversity recently gave way to unparalleled glory when he defeated none other than the Rock in front of the entire world. "Hurri-power" has made it's way to the cover of WWE Magazine!
And the man that lays underneath it all happens to be one of the very best people I've ever met in my life. Since the day we met, we've had nothing but respect for each other and I'd probably do just about anything the guy would ever ask of me. If there was ever a guy who deserved to achieve his dreams, it's Shane Helms. So until the day finally comes when we stand in the same corner as tag team partners, a "dynamic duo" so to speak, I place my hand to my forehead and send this online shark salute to the one and only Hurricane."

Jim Ross(WWE Magazine)
"Is one of the brightest talents on our roster.
Very high IQ for this young man.
Whats up wit dat?"

The interview
About Hurricane, he says that it is a great character and couldn't wait to do his backstage promo. He says that when Hurricane said, "I know one person I can beat The Scorpion King!" that he was laughing inside. He cannot wait for a match between the two of them.

Why did I chose the Hurricane as my partner? He's a freak and freaks  are cool!

Billy Kidman-Inside Wrestling
He's as over the top as anyone, but once the bell rings, he gets it done in the ring. He's unpredictable and one of the toughest opponets I have faced.

PWI Magazine- Dave Lenker
If the Hurricanes suits want to continue to go after the often-exclusive young wrestling demographic, there's one more obvious tie-in the team could use.(Besides Flair and his Whoo for goals made) I'm not sure a certain 210 pound superhero type from Raleigh i s a hockey fan, but what better cheerleader for The Hurricanes' could you askf for than.......The Hurricane! "Stand Back, there's a Hurricane coming'! could be used when the 'Canes take the ice before the start of the games, and what better way to calm down thousands of fans irate over a bad call by a referee then to have the Hurricanes' perplexed face appear on the Jumbo Tron as he utters his favorite catchphrase, "Whatsupwiddat?!"

WWE Magazine
The Hurricane is the most celebrated superhero ever to grace the ring of the World Wrestling Federation. His exploits have been watched closely by all fans looking for a hero to look up to and a mentor to pattern their lives after.

Ross Report: Jim Ross August 16th, 2002
"The Hurricane -- Gregory Helms to his folks -- and Shannon Moore are becoming one of my favorite tag teams. The two North Carolina natives grew up with the Crockett promotion and saw great tag teams like the Rock 'n' Roll Express, the Horsemen and the Andersons. Lifelong fans seem to always make the best in-ring talents."

Jerry "The King" Lawler
"Hey, who opened the door in here?"- Jerry
(referring to the hurricane wind sound)

It's gotta be the cape?"- Tazz

Dean Malenko
He's unique, in that he's got a style of his own, by portraying a superhero. He does some very innovative stuff, while at the same time trying it into his charater. He's kind of hard to figure out, because you don't know where he's coming from or what he's doing in the ring, and that makes him so dangerous. (WWE Magazine)

When he's not fighting crime or trying to get the latest scoops, and he concerntrates on wrestling, I think he has a lot of potential. He's a former Cruiserweight Champion, and he can always get that back. But the kids got some skills.(WWE Magazine) Alliance Web Site
The Hurricane has had quite an impact on the Alliance and the World Wrestling Federation alike. He patterns his entrance and his techniques after his favorite comic book superheroes, most notably the Green Lantern. The result is a a fierce storm of power that overwhelms his opponents. When foes enter the superhero's feared Eye of the Hurricane, there's no way to escape the European Champion's fury. Guest Columist Mikey Jay
WWF Future Rivalries-his picks
This was the only thing keeping WCW running, the light - weights. WWF should really try and do something with them. They are the backbone of every company. I know Hurricane Helms is one of the best guys to come from WCW in an extremely long time.

Michael Cole
The Hurricane is funny to watch, he's different. I think sometimes he really believes he has superpowers, especially in the Cruiserweight Division. He's not going against the big boys anymore. The thing to remember about The Hurricane is that if you're an opponent of his, you have to put the persona aside-you can't let him get in your head. He knows what he's doing, and he's going to be a player.(WWE Magazine)

Mick Foley in the Miami Herald
"I'm completely fawning over the whole Hurricane gimmick," Foley said. "I got to ride in the Hurri-cycle side car, and it was probably one of the 10 greatest moments in my wrestling career. It's wonderful entertainment. Anybody who doesn't get a kick out of the Hurricane is not somebody I'd like to talk to."

Ross Report-
He's young, has great potential and is a very intelligent young man. He has a great future here, in my view. He's continuing to evolve, and as long as he can continue to evolve. he'll be a contender for that title sooner rather than later.

J.R. of WWF Aug. 28th, 2001
"The Hurricane Helms presentation is one that some are going to like because of entertainment, while others that prefer the straight-ahead, less-humor approach may not like it. But the bottom line, in our view, is we believe that Hurricane Helms has a great attitude, a significant upside in terms of in-ring abilities, and is a very intelligent young man. We believe this presentation will help the audience get to know him better, and allow him to develop a personality -- something that he hasn't had the opportunity to do up to this point. So it's a step in the right direction for the long-term building of Hurricane Helms. The situation that developed on RAW also gives us an opportunity to get Lita and Ivory more exposure. And Matt Hardy gets into an issue with a guy who he matches up with well in the ring."

Lords of  byMr. Tito's Phat Daily Column - Week in Review
-Match of the Week-Saturday, July 7, 2001
Billy Kidman vs. Gregory Helms ( Sugar Shane Helms)
These two talented Cruiserweights showed the WWF why the Cruiserweight division was booming at the very end of the Time Warner/AOL owned WCW. Lots of good spots hit in this match and non stop action that both wrestlers are capable of delivering. Helms is very consistant in all of his matches, while Kidman wrestles better when he's happy.

Madden commented on 3 Count in WCW 69 issue Magazine, 2001
"...When Nitro was at its peak, the show almost always started off with a red-hot cruiser-weight or tag-team match. Why not try to repeat that fomula? I recommend Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman against Shannon Moore and Shane Helms to open Nitro, then repeat as necessary.  The prowess of Rey and Billy has been detailed many times, and Moore and Helms, given the chance, will be two of the next big stars in wrestling. I call Moore HB2K because I think he's the next Shawn Michaels.

Madusa commented in the WCW #69 issue Magazine, 2001:
"In all seriousness, I think we have a list of wonderfully talented men, especailly the younger guys. Palumbo, Mark Kindrak, Sean O' Haire, Jung Dragons, 3 Count and Mike Sanders are remarkable wrestlers. It will be exciting to see these guys grow in the business."

A Year End of Big Bumps, Mud Pits and Bad Dancing
by Kevin Eck-WCW Magazine #70,2001
Best Feud:
3 Count vs. Jung Dragons. These guys never headlined a PPV, but they certainly stole the show at several PPV's. Whether it was  six-man matches or three-way dances after Evan karagias and Jamie Knoble broke out of their respective groups, it always was non-stop action when these teams were involved. Their ladder match at the NBR was superb, topped only by their breathtaking triple ladder mach at Starrcade.
Just a side note, Tank was picked as worst dancer. Thought the title might make you wonder.-lol 

Jennifer Williams of WCW Magazine #73, 2001:
"WCW will be forever changed by the creativity and sheer talent that Helms brings to the ring.

Chris Kanyon said in the WCW Magazine #73, 2001:
Shane Helms is a tremedous talent, innovator, and loves the business.