The following were sent in by Hardygurl21 :

1.What do you value most in life?
   That answer is in your question. The thing I value most is life.
2.How do you describe yourself?
   The name says it all, sugar sweet! lol
3.What special talents or hobbies do you have?
    I was once a pretty good writer, but I haven't exercised that talent in so long that it may have atrophied. So I guess that my best          "special" talent is wrestling, as I was never trained. I simply watched and learned, in much the same way that some people can           listen to music and just know how to reproduce it.

    As for hobbies, ccomics are probably my biggest hobby. And while I do have valuable comics, I don't "collect" them    in the sense     that I only want the ones that are worth money. I simply read the ones I like and they just seem to "collect" themselves. After that,       I would have to say that web surfing is my next biggest hobby. "If I have the time,  I'm online!"

The following were sent in by KyMorgMom :

1.Do you ever get nervous before big matches? I know youve been on tv for awhile now but still...........
   Maybe just a little, but only because I want so much to be the absolute best out there.
2.Boxers, briefs or nothing? LOL I just HAD to ask that! :P
   Boxer briefs (jockeys) actually. But only when I'm awake. In bed, zilch!!
3.Who is the one person in WCW right now that you would love to have a match with? And do you see it ever happening?
    Kanyon. Because he is The Innovator of Offense, but I am the Sensation of Innovation. So between the two of us,I'm sure that we         would show the fans a lot of stuff that they've never seen before. Will it ever happen? Only time will tell.

The following were sent in by NCGuy83732 :

1.I've seen you wrestle as "The Show" Shane Helms and as part of "The Serial Thrillaz" in North Carolina. I really thought that you    were the heart    and soul of that team, but I think that you are being wasted in 3 Count. Are you comfortable in that gimmick even    though it sometimes appears    that the other guys get more attention?
   It's easy being the heart and soul of a team when you pour your heart and soul into it. As for my role in 3 Count,instead of trying to      vie for attention with the other two, I concentrate on making us stronger as a team. I'm confident that in time, my individual talents      will shine through.
2.Which of your names, Vicious, Gauge, The Show, and Sugar, do you like the most and why?
    I liked being "The Show" Shane Helms. And when Mike Maverick and I wrestled as singles, I would sometimes go by "The Serial        Thriller" Shane Helms. I really liked that one as well. But when I signed with WCW I came in as just Shane Helms. "Sugar" was           given to me later.
3.How is teaming with Shannon and Evan different from teaming with Mike, or should I say Jack Dupp? Haha!
   There's a big difference! Toward the end, Mike and I were practically telepathic. We always knew what the other was thinking. Not    to mention that Mike cracked me up on more occasions than I can remember. So bad one time, that during a Tag-Team 3-Way            Dance, when he tagged me in, I was laughing so hard, that all I could do was
   stagger to one of the other corners and tag someone else in!
   3 Count, on the other hand, is still developing. I really think that our potential is staggering though, and that our fans   have only          seen the first layer of the depths of what we can actually do. Fans that have been attending recent house shows will attest to that.

The following were sent in by Genxer98 :

1.Who do you think should be the next big stars in WCW, Three Count not included?
    Well, I think that Booker T. should already be wrestling for the World Title. And even though Kanyon has won several titles, I think       that he still has a lot more to show. As for the young guys like myself, I guess The Jung Dragons are the standouts, along with             Chris Daniels and Crowbar.
2.Do you like wrestling as a team or do you prefer singles?
   I prefer singles matches, but I am best at tag matches. Six-man matches are a little tougher.

The following were sent in by BRAT1823887 :
1.What do u look for in a girl?
   Ooh, this one could get me in trouble. Haha! Looks, humor, and intelligence. I put looks first because that is what usually makes          any person want to meet another person that they don't know. I hear people all the time say, "Looks don't count," and I'm like,             "Well since you feel that way, go out, find the ugliest person you can, and just start making out with them." I agree that looks aren't     everything, but they're damn sure important. Humor, because I love to laugh. And intelligence because I need to be able to                 converse with the person. I don't want to just hear myself talk.
2.Can u give out ur screename to fans. And if so what is it?
   If you're talking about AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), then it's WCWSugar.
3.Are u going to sign ne autographs with Shannon and Evan in New Jersey?
   Sure, I'm always willing to sign autographs no matter where I am.

The following were sent in by Melissa Templeton :

1.What is your greatest passion in life?
   That should be obvious, pro wrestling!
2.If you had not pursued a career in wrestling, where would you see yourself now and what would you be doing with your life?
  That's almost impossible for me to answer because I never considered or wanted to do anything else.
3.If you could meet anyone--deceased, living, a fictional character--who would it be and why?
  Jesus Christ. Why? Well meeting him would certainly erase any doubts I have about religion, that's for sure!

The following was sent in by MeAJM10 :

  Well, I only have 1 question for ya, here goes :

   I am 5'9 135 pounds, and my dream is to be a pro wrestler. I know i need to gain weight though before thats ever a possibility,what do you              suggest i do, to bulk up or put on a little bit of weight??
  The absolute most important thing to do to gain weight is to eat. You need to be taking in some serious amounts of protein. Your          muscles will not grow if you do not eat. Bottom line.

The following were sent in by howardm :

1.Who do you admire the most in the world?
   People that go after what they want instead of just talking about it or waiting for it happen. Matt Hardy is a perfect example.
2.If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
   I would like to be able to get by on less sleep. I sleep a lot. Well, I'm in bed a lot anyways. lol
3.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
   I'm pretty happy in North Carolina, but I wouldn't mind living somewhere that stays warm pretty much all year round, like maybe        Florida somewhere.

The following were sent in by Hayley Keenan :

1.At what age did you start professional wrestling?
   I got into the business when I was 13, and I had my first match when I was 16.
2.Who was you favourite wrestler when you were a kid?
   I had a few actually. Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and Shawn Michaels were the standouts though.
3.What do you think of Rey Mysterio Jr's wrestling skills?
   Rey was definitely a revolutionary for Cruiserweight wrestling. I was a fan of his even before he came to WCW.

The following were sent in by WcW2xs :

1.Besides members of 3 Count.... What wrestler are u coolest with and which one do u dislike the most?
   Kanyon is the coolest, and I haven't found one that I actually dislike yet.
2.Where did u work before you were a wrestler?
   At a company that made and produced strain gages. I maintained their website.
3.What do u do after a nitro or thunder do u party with the other wrestlers go to the bar what do u do?
   We usually hang out at the bar in the hotel or we find a club to go to. When we are smart, we go back to our hotel and rest, but          that is rare! :)

The following were sent in by HardyBoyz2XTRM :

1.The first time I actually heard about you was through the Hardy Boyz website. How much do you feel that just knowing them had affected your        career?
   Meeting them was really positive for me because I was becoming complacent with my career. The indy scene in my    area, at the      time, was mediocre at best, and while my partner Mike and I were the cream of this crop, it was still a small crop. The Hardy's, just      by their work ethic alone, got me back on the right track. But I also believe that I've contributed to them in like ways as well. We're     friends, great friends, and that's what friends do.
2.There's no doubt that you'd still be as great as you are now (want me to take my lips off your ass now =)... ), but do you think they've given you a    little extra "push" or have helped non-WCW fans to become familiar with your name?
   Probably so, Matt mentions me frequently on his website and I do him on mine, but I've also tried to repay them in other ways            when possible. We constantly share ideas with each other, and while some of my arsenal comes from them, some of theirs comes      from me as well. I had even, at one time, designed a website for them myself, which was very cool! All they (Matt) would have to         do then, was put it online and maintain it, but then they found someone that would make and maintain their site for them, for free.     lol
3.How do you think they've affected your career?
   Wasn't that your first question?

The following were sent in by AmandaChick :

  Are you ever going to do anything crazy to your hair like Evan and Shannon do?
  Actually when I first came to WCW, I had my hair in braids, but when 3 Count came together, and Evan had already been on TV with   his braids, I just took mine out. I've been thinking about several things, but as of now, I just haven't decided.

The following were sent in by WCVIII :

1.What is your real name?
   Shane Helms
2.Where did you go to high school and did you attend college?
    I went to East Wake High School in Wendell, NC and I did attend a community college for several years.
3.What are the details of your debut match?
    It was against a guy named "Playboy" T. C. Cruise. The location was Saxapahaw, NC. Cruise was the Lightweight Champion of           this particular organization, and his opponent had to cancel at the last minute. The only reason I was there was because a friend         of  mine was wrestling on that show, and when he found out about the situation, he spoke up for me and I was added to the card.        T.C.  won, but in our rematch, only my 2nd match, I defeated him for my first pro title, just days after my 17th birthday.

The following were sent in by StephM1fan :

1.How do you feel seeing all your indy Friends..such as Joey Abs, Bobcat, Hardyz, Dupps etc. go to the Big 3?
   I think that it is awesome. The only thing better than being where you want to be is have your friends there with you!
2.How do you feel about Backyard Feds?
   I wrestled in the backyard plenty of times, so I have nothing against them, but you can get hurt, so backyarders, be careful.

The following were sent in by KeithTy :

1.Why do you think that it took you so long to get discovered?
   Arrogance mainly. I just figured that I was so good that one of the Big 3 would hear about me and come find me. But  that doesn't        happen. In 1998 I dedicated every single aspect of my life to getting discovered, and a little more than a year later I was hired by        WCW. I realized then, that dreams are only dreams until you go after them to make them real!
2.What is the biggest difference between the Indy's and WCW?
   The money my friend, the money. :)
3.Who on the indy's would you like to see get hired next?
   There are a few guys that I think are extremely talented. Joey Matthews, Christian York, and Michael Modest are the cream of the        indy's right now. I really like Shark Boy's gimmick and Cham Pain is a real cool gimmick as well.

The following were sent in by lynsey eyre :

1. I am from the UK, if I wrote to you by post would you be able to send me an autograph back because I can not send a self addressed envelope       because the stamps are different in the UK to the ones in America.
    I have no idea how that works, so maybe you should go to your local post office and ask them. Sorry.
2.What made you want to get in to wrestling?
   I started watching wrestling with my dad when I was four years old and I attended my first live event when I was five. I have been      a fan ever since.
3.Who is your favourite wrestler of all time?
   Shawn Michaels.

The following were sent in by Mark Le :

1.What's your favorite wrestling entrance music? Can't say any of your own, past or present okay?
   The Wolfpac theme.
2. I noticed that you, Jeff and Matt Hardy, and Joey Abbs all have similar hair style, is this one of the OMEGA trademarks and will    you ever cut it     short again?
    I guess that it kind of is an OMEGA trademark now. But I've almost cut it off on two occasions recently only to chicken out at the           last second.
3. HBK's super kick is called "sweet chin music," got a name for yours? If Kelloggs doesn't sue, what about the "sugar smack"? :)
    I don't have one yet, but that is a good suggestion!

The following were sent in by HardyboysAngel :

1.What would it take for me to become a female wrestler/diva?
   Get some training and get yourself seen. That is pretty much how it's done.
2.How are you from your surgey?
   Recovering. lol
3.What the worst thing that makes you so mad?
   Slow drivers in the left lane, people that talk during movies, and ignorance at "unacceptable" levels. :)

The following were sent in by LINDSEY BLACK :

1.With your celebrity popularity, is there ever a day you have wished you could trade it all in for a day of no one knowing who you were?
   Nope. This is what I've worked so hard for.
2. So many people in your position let the fame and fortune flood their head and swell their egos and they tend to treat the "little people" like      you enjoy the recognition you receive from being on national TV?
    Oh I definitely enjoy it, but the downside is that you have to sacrifice some of your privacy. But even though I do have my                     moments,  I'm pretty much a people person anyway.
3. I'm sure you enjoy it..i guess what i mean, is there ever a time you wish you werent in the spotlight everywhere you you ever long for           days when you could just be you and not have to worry about every one crowding around you every place you go?
   That's part of the game we play, and I knew the rules coming in so I can't complain now, now can I?

The following were sent in by BarbaraAnnVT :

1.You've been in several Independent organizations throughout your career, how did they prepare you mentally and physically for a career with            WCW (or other major federation)?
   By giving me a chance to hone my skills. Although, I am self-taught, this isn't something that you can just walk off the street and do.     It made me respect and appreciate what pro wrestlers really go through.
2.You've won countless awards for wrestling and held many championship titles, which ones are you most proud of and why?
   The OMEGA Tag-Team Titles that I won with Mike Maverick (Jack Dupp in the WWF) as the Serial Thrillaz. We won them twice,           and the second time was from The Hardy Boyz in a match that was considered one of the best indy matches of that year.
3.Do you think that you would ever want to open a training facility and train others to become wrestlers?
   Maybe, but I hope to be wrestling for a long time, so that decision is (hopefully) a long way off. :)

The following was sent in by jana shaw :

  How do you pass the time on the trips that you make between shows? Hope it isn't to personal.
   I read, watch movies, or got out with the guys. We pretty much try to workout and tan while on the road if possible, so between          that and eating 4-6 times a day, we stay pretty busy. :)

The following were sent in by ¢~£ The Corpse £~¢ :

1.What is the biggest misconception about wrestlers these days?
   That we don't get hurt. Professional wrestling is more taxing on the human body than anything I've ever done, and that covers a lot    of ground!
2.This one would be best referred to as.........unique.) Do you suffer from allergies?
   Nope. Thank goodness!
3.You haven't spent a long time period in Canada (WCW Mayhem pay-per-view), but from what you have seen, what did you think of the people and    the country itself?
   Well like you said, my time in Canada was very limited. The Mayhem PPV occurred during the time that I was  working on "Ready      to Rumble," so as soon as the PPV was over, Kanyon and I were aboard a private jet flying back to Los Angeles.

The following were sent in by AnAngelNDesguise :

1.How do you handle the public/fans being so involved in your personal life and have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation with fans?
    I've been pretty lucky in that regard so far. I haven't had any real episodes of "stalking" or things like that.
2.What's the most crazy thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?
    I got hit right in the face with a pair of panties at a show once. And I've been flashed a few times. Just girls acting up really. Not           that I minded. :)
3.If you could have one wish right now, what would it be?
   Right now I'm starving, so some food is pretty high on the list, but I assume you are looking for a more serious response. My one          wish is just to remain healthy, so that I can continue to do what I am doing now, and that's living my dream!