The following was sent in by MaryJoann Rayford :

1.Since your 2nd favorite animal is turtle what is your 1st favorite animal?
   Monkeys! Monkeys rule.

The following were sent in by Ashley Applebee :

1.Has any fan ever asked you for a piece of clothing you've worn (like your shirt or something) so they could have a piece of Hurri-History?
   Yes, all the time. I traded shirts with a fan once, can't remember why, but I usually say no.
2.If you could have any Diva as an S.H.I.T (other than Molly, cuz she already was!) who would it be and why?
   Rico. LOL But other than him, maybe Linda Miles as the She-Hulk.

The following were sent in by * Leese * :

1.What is your favorite cereal?
   Cookie Crisp
2.What is your guilty pleasure?
   Guilty? I'm innocent, nobody saw me do it, no one can prove a thing.
3.What is your motto?
   Be all you can be, I'll be the rest! :)
4.What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
   A Sicilian Kiss. It's a shot, half Amaretto, half Southern Comfort.

The following were sent in by cool dude :

1.What is your fav move that you do?
   The Eye of The Hurricane (Nightmare on Helms Street)
2.What do you think of Madusa, the womens wrestler?
   Thanks for clarifying there. I was ready to spit about some Gorgon mythology. :) But as for Madusa, I didn't really know her all that       well, but whenever we talked, she was always nice to me. As for her wrestling, I thought she was very good, tough as hell, and           one of the more successful women in the industry.
3.Do you have any idea when RAW or any event will be in Greensboro?
   If it's not in my Appearances section, then I don't know, sorry.

The following was sent in by Amish Warrior :

1.How would you feel if VH-1 approached you to do a "Bands Reunited" with the other members of 3 Count?
   Totally shocked that they would even know who 3Count was!

The following were sent in by ColMcbooze :

1.Even though you like life on RAW don`t you wish you could wrestle for the cruiserweight title on Smackdown?
   Not at the moment. I've won the Cruiserweight Championship twice, once in WWE and once in WCW, and I'm not sure that a 3rd          reign as champ would add anything to my career at this point. I would rather go after titles that I haven't won yet, and then later          return to the CW division.
2.What advice can/ do you give to any kid(s) that want to get a start in the business?
   Chase the dream! It's not gonna come to you. And get prepared to work your ass off.
3.Do you sometimes wish that you hadn't chased the dream, and just lived the simple life with your family?
   Nope! I wanted it, I went after it, and I got it. Can't complain now.

The following was sent in by KitiePink :

1.I just want to know if you read any WWF fanfiction (or if you even have time.. with your busy schedule and such) and if you like people writing          fiction about you.
   I've read a few that were sent to me. Some were cool, but some were "out there." And if it's "slash" I delete it without even trying        to  read it. Just not my style.

The following were sent in by Heather Anderson :

1.What's going through your mind when you're standing at the top of the ramp?
   Just hoping I don't trip on the way to the ring. :) But really, I just look for Hurricane signs and point at the people holding them.
2.What has been you're scariest moment inside a wrestling ring?
    I guess when I broke my nose on Nitro. I just didn't know how bad it was. I touched my face and when I did I could feel with my          hand how badly out-of-place my nose was. It was pretty ugly.

The following were sent in by Amanda Sutton :

1.Do you like kids?
   Depends on the kid. But in general, yes. Except for on airplanes. :)
2.Would you want any?
   Are you offering me yours? Thanks, but right now, I'm not ready and not really home enough to raise any. I like to practice making      kids though! :)
3.How many if you do?
   In practice? A LOT!!! In reality, maybe 2 at the most.

The following was sent in by Keisha :

1.What would be (or has been) the greatest thing anyone has ever done for you?
   Probably my mom, for popping me out. :)

The following were sent in by Polin Aktar :

1.What would be your prefect day?
   These days, any day I don't get hurt. :)
2.Can you cook?
   Yeah, hot dogs.
3.If you could turn back the clock what would you change?
   Uh . . . time! :) But seriously, I'm pretty content with my life, so nothing major.

The following was sent in by Bonez266 :

1.Who do you think is the absolute best all around wrestler in any federation today and why?
   Eddie Guerrero followed by Matt Hardy. As for the "why?" . . . in my opinion (and this is my opinion) they're aren't too many people    that are good in every aspect of this profession. These two can do everything! Both as a good guy or bad, they are excellent. They      can both cut great promo's, they can fight, wrestle, fly, etc. etc. they can do it all.

The following were sent in by SLASH010 :

1.What was your best 3 Count match? And Why?
    I would have to say Shannon and I winning the Triple Threat Ladder match at Starrcade 2000. As for "why" umm, I guess because       I thought it was really good. ;)

The following were sent in by Cijay Morgan :

1.Do you cry at moves/plays?
   Yeah, if they're sad. I'm not one of those macho nuts that doesn't shed tears. I mean, I don't cry a river and start sobbing or                   anything, but I do cry.
2.Do you have any irrational/bizarre fears? (Things that you have no reason to be afraid of but they give you the creeps?)
   There's nothing I'm terrified of, but rodents make me uneasy, and I have a weird aversion to identical twins. I think that came from       being scarred for life by "The Shining" as a kid.

The following were sent in by April Reinhart :

1.Would you ever pose for Playgirl?
   Hmmm, not 100% positive, but probably. :)

The following was sent in by Rebecca Davis :

1.You already said that it is physically trying to be a wrestler. What about mentally?:
   Oh hell yeah! The travel, the dedication it takes to make yourself go to the gym when you're tired and/or hurt, constantly having to      DIET when all you want to do is stuff Krispy Kremes down your throat. Those things combined with the ups and downs that are a          part of everyone's career make the mental tests every bit as tough as the physical

The following were sent in by ashley T kinnear :

1.How does it feel seeing fans dress up as you?
   That is one of the things about being The Hurricane that I enjoy the most. I love seeing that.
2.What goes through your mind when you see yourself as on a video game or as an action toy?
   Just a good feeling of accomplishment, knowing that somewhere kids are playing with my action figure the way I played with so         many as a kid myself.
3.When you came out to Australia were you overwhelmed by the fan response to you?
    I was a bit surprised, I really didn't know how big the WWE was over there until we went. Having near 57,000 people show up for         the event and to later chant my name (well maybe not all of them) was just awesome!
4.What did you like about Australia?
    I didn't get to see much of Australia at all, so I will have to go with the fans on this one. The fans were great, so happy to see us           and very, very polite. Not to mention, some very beautiful women as well.

The following were sent in by PinkFloydChick02:

1.What is the ring on the chain you wear around your neck?
    It says Hurricane in a language native to Hawaii.

The following were sent in by Anakinsoloboy :

1.I know you don't have to a lot but whenever you have to hit a women in the ring how do you deal with that? Like are u extra careful?
   Not really. It's a big mistake to think that women aren't as tough as men. And I don't think our "Diva's" want to be treated like               anything less than equals. They bust their asses just like we do, their's just look better. :)

The following were sent in by Daddysbaby1013 :

1.Do you see yourself as one of those people who got to fulfill a dream?
   Yes I do.
2.I know life has definitely changed for but does your family, friends, etc. treat you different now?
   Unfortunately, that is also a "yes."

The following were sent in by James Wells :

1.What is your favorite chocolate bar?
    Kit Kat!
2.Have you tried to get with Mighty Molly?
   Nice variety of questions there. But no, I haven't. Although Molly is a good friend, both sweet and beautiful, you should never get         your meat where you get your bread. Ya heard? :) I'm just full of old school wisdom, well full of something anyways.

The following were sent in by « Raven Soul » :

1.Is your tattoo really of the Green Lantern?
   It is the symbol of the Green Lantern, not the Green Lantern himself.
2.Are you a Freddy fan or a Jason fan?
   I'm a fan of the early movies, after the 2nd one of each series, they became kinda silly.
3.Would you ever consider having a fan do a layout for you?
   Depends on what you're talking about here. A layout for my site, a Playboy layout, laying out in the sun, laying out of work. I need      more details. LOL
4.How come you changed the name from "Nightmare on Helms Street" to "The Eye Of The Hurricane?" Was it to fit your new persona?