Dastardly Deed- Sneaky action
Holy Brainstorm- A sudden superior idea
Holy  Heist- to steal from another
Holy Hypocrite- One who feigns to be what he is not
Holy obvious answer-omigosh, self explanatory remark
Hurri-Humor- Hurricane's whimsical jocularity
Hurri-cycle-  Hurricane's two wheeled cycle and side car with an internalcombustion engine used to move to and fro
Hurri-Fib- When Hurricane must not tell the complete truth to make sure good prevails.
Hurri-light-  A person having illuminative enlightenment influenced by Hurricane's superior intellect.
Hurri-sense-  His super enhanced ability to be aware of happenings around him.
Holy tall tales- When Hurricane can sense someone is lying
Hurri-twin powers-To activate his and his partners super powers and take form of a powerful entity to do battle for all that is good.
Sidekick- a superhero who aids The Hurricane in battling evil
Smiles Chuckles & Giggles- grins, satisfying low laughter, to express amusement repeatedly
SO SO SO-therefore
Stand Back!- Watch out, there's a hurricane coming through
Vile villains-corrupted scoundrel doing evil deeds
Whassup wit dat?- What's up with that.
"If evil again should come into play, The Hurricane will be there to save the day".

"Superhero's don't change in lockerooms"

"Brendon Fraiser beat The Scorpion King"

"Number one if it wasn't for you,Ric Flair,Booker T would have won the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMainia.

Number two,Triple H,Booker T beat you just last week.

And number three,if you don't Eric Bischoff....whassupwitdat?!?!

"Triple H. You seem to be in a pretty good mood. But last Monday night, when Raw went off the air, and Kane had you stuffed in the trunk of that car, you were not happy, oh no. Not at all. And now you're all smiles, you're all chuckles, you're all giggles. Whassupwiddat!?"

"Wait a second! Jet Flying! Some people don't need jets to fly!"

"You talk a big game and your gums, they do flap, but it appears that your are full of brama bull crap."

"Holy Mick Foley!"

"I stand for truth and justice!"

"Wait a second! Jet Flying! Some people don't need jets to fly!"
(Said Hurricane to Eric Bicshoff, Ric Flair and HHH)

"Going toe to toe with the Superhero!
  (Said Hurricane to The Rock)

Sept. 23, 2002

"Oh holy obvious, answer Terri.  You see, Kane and the Hurricane are the perfect match.  We both wear masks, we both use the choke slam, and we have two of the the most impressive physics in the WWE. And you ask me why he would choose me as a partner? Whassupwitdat?"

Sept. 23, 2002
"EXACTADOMUNDO!  Now, let's go celebrate! Quick, to the hurricave."

Sept. 23, 2002
Now that is what I call an All amerikane!

"A Hasty retreat is not a show of cowardice, it is
merely an intermission to fight on another day."

It would appear as though there has been a wrong doing that needs to be made right."

"Look out citizens."

Jan. 14th, 2002
Prior to the bout, Billy said that he and Chuck had a double-date for the night before, but after Hurricane's actions last night on HEAT, they had to cancel! He said that if anyone had the physique to be a superhero, it was them, because even Superman couldn't touch them! Hurricane responded by saying "Holy tall tales, Tajiri! These two with hot chicks -- What's up with that? And the only superhero you have anything in common with is the Human Torch -- flame on!"

Nov 5th, 2001
Christian called himself the greatest European Champion of all time and said he had cut the inter-
view short to prepare for his title defense against The Hurricane. As he turned to leave, a reporter who bore more than a striking resemblance to The Hurricane asked Christian how he could call himself the greatest European Champion when he had yet to face the superhero. Christian stared in disgusted disbelief and shrugged off the question before exiting. "Now what is up with that?" asked the "mild-mannered reporter."

Oct. 15th, 2001
--"Vile villains! Charging citizens for protection, Whaz up with dat? I think it's time we put the APA out of business."

"Holy insinuations citizen Coach. You dare question the integrity of The Hurricane, whassupwitdat?! I am not a hurri-perv. what I am is a hurri-hardcore champion, 24/7"

Oct. 11th, 2001
The Hurricane and Mighty Molly strutted to the ring, and Hurricane said that his Hurri-senses were telling him it was time to defend the European Championship. He said that if there were any mere mortals who wished to be vanquished, they could come down and challenge him for the title! Much to Hurricane's surprise, Kane answered the challenge! The superhero helped Molly out of the ring, and then told "Citizen Kane" that he was making the mistake of his life. He said that Kane wore a mask but had no superpowers -- What's up with that? He said Kane would make a great addition to the Hurri-league. He offered to activate Hurri-twin powers with Kane, and Kane knocked knuckles with him, and then grabbed his hand and squeezed, as Hurricane grimaced in pain!

"Citizen Kane, you have a cool costume, a cool mask, and you are 7 feet tall but you don't fight crime. What's up with that?"

Oct. 4th, 2001
Footage was shown from earlier in the evening, as The Hurricane arrived at the arena on his Hurri-cycle, with Molly Holly in tow. As they talked, Coach approached Molly and asked why she left Spike. She said life with Spike was going nowhere, since he didn't have superpowers, couldn't fly, and didn't even have a cape! Added Hurricane, "What's up with that?" She said that she was now committed to helping Hurricane fight for truth and justice, and that she would now be known as Mighty Molly.(wcw.com)

Sept. 27th, 2001
In women's action, Molly Holly took on Ivory. The two women bumped heads, and Molly was knocked out cold. That allowed Ivory to score an easy pinfall. After the match, the trainer headed to the ring to help Molly, as did The Hurricane. Hurricane carried Molly off to the back, and out to his Hurri-mobile, where the two of them drove off!

Sept. 24th 2001
Lance Storm and Ivory were talking in the hallway when they were joined by The Hurricane, who revealed he was thinking about for their upcoming six-person match. Hurricane's "Hurri-senses" told Ivory she was in grave danger, and told her to wait for them at the entrance. With Ivory gone and out of earshot, Hurricane told Storm he was ready to commit to Molly Holly to be his full-time sidekick, and after the match, Molly would have no choice but to see the Hurri-light! Hurricane then asked Storm to activate the Hurri-twin powers! Hurricane took the shape of a hurricane, while Storm reluctantly took the form of an ice storm!

Sept. 3rd, 2001
In the back, Perry Saturn told Hurricane Helms that he needed help finding Moppy's kidnapper. The Hurricane examined the ransom note and deduced that Matt Hardy had something to do with Moppy's disappearance. Helms said that his "Hurri-sense" was telling him that Matt Hardy was not what he seemed.wcw.com

"And you will notice Moppy starts with an M, just like... Matt Hardy. Whassupwitdat?"

August 30th, 2001
In the Alliance's locker room, Lillian Garcia interviewed Hurricane Helms. Garcia told Helms that it wasn't exactly heroic how Ivory helped him win the European Championship from Matt Hardy on RAW. Helms said that when he defeated the meddlesome Matt Hardy and his sidekick, the lovely Lita, he struck a courageous blow for truth, justice and the European way. Garcia told Hurricane that on SmackDown!, he would be teaming up with Ivory to take on Molly Holly and the Federation's underdog, Spike Dudley. Helms said that Spike was no underdog, saying that Underdog wasn't even real. Helms said that he and Ivory would be victorious, so Garcia should tune in at the same Hurri-time and the same Hurri-station.  wcw.com

August 27th, 2001
Hurricane Helms spoke with Michael Cole about his obsession with the Green Lantern. Helms corrected Cole by saying that Green Lantern is second behind Stone Cold Steve Austin, and proceeded to tell Cole stories on how the Lantern overcame evil, and that the Hurricane would overcome Matt Hardy and win the European Championship! RAW

August 30th, 2001
Stand back! There's a Hurricane comin' through!

Hurricane Helms has had quite an impact on the Alliance and the World Wrestling Federation alike. He patterns his entrance and his techniques after his favorite comic book superheroes, most notably the Green Lantern. The result is a a fierce storm of power that overwhelms his opponents. When foes enter Helms' feared Eye of the Hurricane, there's no way to escape the European Champion's  wcw.com

Thru howling winds and pouring rain, all evil shall fear The Hurricane!

If evil shall again come into play, The Hurricane will be there to save the day!

There's a Hurricane comin thru!


To the Hurri-Cave!

You will believe
Superhero's do exsist!

I got Hurri-Powers.....

Look out citizens!

"I stand for truth and justice!"

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