Sugar Shane WCW Pics
Shane's Road To His First Cruiser Weight Title

Greed PPV- March 18th, 2001

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

"Sugar" Shane Helms d. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Guerrero and Helms worked cautiously from the bell, using headlocks and arm whips to take each other off balance. The match intensified with an exchange of suplexes, before Chavo grounded the challenger with a version of the STF. "Sugar" Shane went for a powerbomb, but Guerrero countered, dropping down with a DDT. Chavo went to the top turnbuckle, landing with a huge bodypress on the outside. Helms got a second wind, stopping the champion with a neckbreaker in the center of the ring. Shane hit the Sugar Smack, knocking Chavo off the apron. Back inside, Shane continued with the Nightmare on Helms Street, but only got a two-count before Guerrero got a foot on the ropes to break the count. As Helms went to the top, Chavo set him for the Vertabreaker, but Sugar reversed and hit his patented move for the 1-2-3, realizing his dream, as he became the Cruiserweight Champion of WCW.


Feb. 18th, 2001

Shane's road to the gold, started when he filled the spot for Billy Kidman at the Superbrawl Revenge PPV. Shane was in a 4 corners 6 man match for the cruiser weight contender match.  This match included :

Sugar Shane Helms d. Kaz Hayashi and Shannon Moore and Yang and Jaime Knoble and  Evan Karagias. Shane went on to win this match, but it was also the night that his partner, Shannon Moore started to turn on him, leaving Shane to go on alone wresting in singles matches and left the group 3 Count.

As Shane set for the Vertabreaker, Moore hit the Bottoms Up on his partner. Moore and Kaz doubled on Sugar Shane, but Helms retaliated and finally hit the Nightmare On Helms Street to take Moore out of the contest. Helms and Hayashi exchanged breathtaking moves, each getting near falls on the other. In the end Sugar Shane got the 1-2-3 to move on to a cruiserweight title match.

Winner: Shane Helms

Feb. 26th, 2001-Nitro

Shane then had to wrestle Shannon Moore, his former partner. Shane won this match but in the end, Shannon and Evan Karagias held Shane while Chavo went onto to kick Shane.

Winner: Shane Helms

Feb. 28th, 2001-Thunder

Shane Helms d. Johnny Swinger with Jason Lee

Helms not only had to focus on Swinger, but Jason Lee as well, who was on the outside. Lee attempted to distract Helms from the floor, but Helms was wise to the setup and thwarted Swinger's attack from behind.  Sugar to delivered the Nightmare On Helms Street and the Vertabreaker for the 1-2-3. Chavo ran in after the bell, but the number one contender fought him off. An angry Guerrero gave Lee a brainbuster and bad mouthed Swinger before leaving the ring.

Winner: Shane Helms

March 5th, 2001-Nitro

Non-Title Match

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. d. "Sugar" Shane Helms

Guerrero wasted no time in putting the hurt to his Greed challenger. As Helms stood on the outside of the ring apron, Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper pulled him off, as Chavo nodded his head in approval. Shane fought back again, hitting a surprise attack with a dive over the top to the floor onto Prime Time and Romeo, before heading back into the ring after Chavo. As Romeo distracted the referee, Skipper entered and doubled with Guerrero on Helms, leading the Cruiserweight

Champion to victory. winner: Chavo

March 7th, 2001-Thunder

"Sugar" Shane Helms d. "Prime Time" Elix Skipper

Both Shane and Elix flew around the ring, countering and reversing each other's maneuvers. Helms threw Skipper into the crowd and followed him out, connecting with a dive off the guardrail. Helms continued his attack back in the ring before Skipper dropped Shane's midsection hard across the top rope. The fans chanted USA at Skipper, as the Team Canada member slammed Shane over and over to the mat. Prime Time hit a missile dropkick from the top and brought Sugar over with a perfect German suplex, gaining a near fall after each move. Helms countered with the Sugar Smack and a frogsplash, followed by the Nightmare on Helms Street. The number one contender locked on the Vertabreaker and dropped down, gaining the fall over Skipper. Kid Romeo ran in to attack Helms, but Kidman and Rey, Jr. came out for the save.

Winner: Shane Helms

March 12, 2001-Nitro

Sugar Shane Helms d. Evan Karagias

Helms went back and forth with his former 3 Count partner at the start of the bout. Evan had the advantage briefly, but his cockiness proved to be a detriment; it allowed Helms to move in.  Shane was finally able to deliver the Nightmare on Helms Street, followed by the Vertabreaker for the 1-2-3. Chavo Guerrero ran in and beat down Helms after the bell.

Winner: Shane Helms

March 14th, 2001-Thunder

Sugar Shane Helms d. Kwee-Wee

Angry Alan came out early as Helms frustrated the man in pink with counters and reversals out of the opening lockup. Kwee-Wee answered Shane's speed and agility with a double-handed choke across his throat, restricting the number one contender's breathing. . Sugar was finally able to lock on the Vertabreaker, chalking up another win before Sunday's big match. Chavo Guerrero Jr. ran into the ring, but Helms sent him scurrying away and promised he would walk out of the PPV with the cruiserweight title.

Winner: Shane Helms

This was the path that lead to Shane winning the Cruiser Weight Title Belt at the PPV Greed.  Shane worked hard and is a true testament on what a champ should be like. He gave the belt meaning, amazes the fans, and gave enjoyment with each and every match.